There are 3 apps that I use whenever I plan my trips:

1. Google Maps

Almost everyone that I know uses Google Maps. For the most part, I use it to achieve three objectives – 1) to find directions from Point A to Point B; 2) to check on the current traffic condition; and 3) to discover tourist attractions. 🗺


Google Maps is renowned for its worldwide mapping system. With this in mind, I am able to search for directions from e.g. the airport to the hotel without getting lost. On top of that, it is able to provide directions via various mode of transport, e.g. car, train, or by walking.

Another reason to use Google Maps is when I am searching for popular places of interest. With Google Maps, I can simply type

“Places of interest in _____”

and it will return a list of suggestions on where to go, its rating, as well as reviews. Google Maps is by all means a time-saving app to plan a trip itinerary.


However, Google Maps only does what it does best – to show us directions and related information about the place of interest. From there, I will need to consolidate and manage the data on my own, e.g. copying the details into a notepad.

💡 Pro Tip

I use Google Maps with Google My Maps. Correspondingly, I am able to consolidate all the places that I wish to visit and plot a route based on their locations. In like manner, I will now have a list of places to go its corresponding directions.

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2. Instagram

Instagram has grown in popularity in the recent years. In particular, many of us use the app as a digital photo album to share our moments with the world. 🌏


Whenever I travel, I find more joy in taking photographs than to do shopping. In like manner, Instagram consolidates the stunning photographs that people around the world have taken and to sort them by location or hashtag. As a result, it is fairly easy to get inspiration on where to go.


Instagram is popular for avid photographers. On the contrary, if you are into shopping, you should skip this app entirely.

💡 Pro Tip

Tap on the bookmark icon on the right of the picture to Save to Collection. Under settings, you can access the list of saved pictures.

3. Trip Case

Trip Case is an app that I will use for all of my trips. For the most part, it organises the administrative part of my trip and ensures that my day goes as planned. 👨🏻‍💻


Trip Case works seamlessly across multiple platforms. For instance, I will key in information on the web browser since it is easier to copy and paste large amount of information. Thereafter, I will use the app on the iPhone to refer to these information. Furthermore, the app works offline too!


Their mapping system is not the best. To point out, there are a couple of times when I struggle to find the exact location of a few places.

💡 Pro Tip

You can forward confirmation emails to Trip Case to create trips automatically. For instance, I can send my flight confirmation email to Trip Case and all the flight related information will be keyed in on my behalf.

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In a digital world, everyone uses apps to achieve a certain goal. For me, these three free apps are the best in helping me to plan my trips. In due time, I will use my favourite SIM card again to get overseas data. 😄

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