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Last July, I took the train from Hamburg to Berlin, Germany. Altogether, it was a convenient and comfortable ride.

Available Options From Hamburg to Berlin:

Domestic Flight vs Train vs Taxi vs Rent a Car

Average Travelling Time: 4 hours vs 3 hours vs 4 hours vs 4 hours
Average Cost (SGD): $120 vs $140 vs $710 vs $250


Domestic Flight: Most convenient since I am at the airport
Train: Frequent train rides throughout the day
Taxi: Most convenient
Rent a Car: Somewhat convenient


Domestic Flight: I may miss the flight if there is any hiccup, e.g. flight delay
Train: I have to drag my huge luggage and carry my heavy backpack everywhere
Taxi: Look at the cost! 😱
Rent a Car: Need to stare at the GPS constantly

My Concern

Comparatively, it was cheaper to choose either the domestic flight or the train ride. However, I don’t want to face the aftermath of missing the domestic flight. Thus, I decided to take the train.

About Deutsche Bahn

In Germany, Deutsche Bahn is the train service that links cities in Europe together. In detail, there are two choices for seats – 2nd class and 1st class.

My Choice

I opted for the 1st class ticket as it included free seat reservation (which will otherwise cost an additional Euro 4.50 = SGD 7). At the same time, I get access to their lounges while waiting for the train to arrive. To seal the deal, it offers free “no data limit” WiFi on board. (Though I somehow exceeded their data limit in the end.)

Pro Tip: Choose Digital ticket when checking out from their website. Thereupon, you may show the ticket operator your digital ticket from the convenience of your smartphone.

Berlin-Spandau Station
Berlin-Spandau Station

Hamburg Airport (Flughafen Station) > Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) [24mins]

From Hamburg Airport, I walked to Hamburg Airport (Flughafen) Station (5 minutes). Thereafter, I boarded the train to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) – the main railway station of the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Hbf > Berlin-Spandau Station [1hr 53mins]

At Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hbf), I transferred over to their Intercity train to Berlin. On the whole, the journey took less than 2 hours. For the most part, I enjoyed watching countless YouTube videos using the on board WiFi. 🤓

What will your choice be?

If you are flying through cities in Germany, consider taking the train. It was by all means a worthy experience!

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