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Hello there! 🖐🏻

Welcome to my blog – a platform where I share my knowledge and experience. For the most part, I encourage meaningful, respectful, and thoughtful (MRT 🚝) comment and discussion on this platform.

Here is how your comment may look like:

  • Identify yourself – use your real name and email address
  • Add insights on the presented topic
  • Debate and offer constructive criticism that improves the presented topic
  • Be professional and take ownership for your comments

To put it another way, I welcome most comments that intrigue and add value to the presented topic. Conversely, there are some examples of communication that will not be published.

  • You don’t use your real name and/or email address
  • Profanity, or language that are deemed to be offensive, or threatening in nature
  • Language that harasses other readers
  • Comment that is not related to the presented topic
  • Professional or personal rants
  • Keywords of your business
  • Advertorial or promotion (including links) of a product or service

Don’t contribute to Spam! 🍔

I believe that you hate spam. Well, me too. Therefore, let’s be kind to everyone on this platform.

Moreover, there are some additional guidelines to know:

All Rights Reserved: This is my personal blog. Therefore, I reserve the absolute rights to edit or remove any comments without due explanation.

Copyright: If I receive a notice that your comment infringes a copyright, or trademark, I shall remove it immediately without notice.

Links: Affiliate links are not allowed. If you feel that there is an article that adds value to the presented topic, it may be approved on this platform. Otherwise, this is not a place for marketing and business.

Ownership: By posting a comment, you take ownership and responsibility for your comment. Consequently, I take no liability and shall be held harmless.

Privacy: Provide your real name and email address when commenting. Don’t worry, your email address will never be published. In fact, please do not share your personal information openly on this platform. Otherwise, I reserve the rights to edit, or remove such information from this blog without notice.

Spam: Any non-food related comments in this category will be removed without hesitation. Furthermore, the IP address may be blocked from my entire platform without notice.

Phew! That is it!

All in all, my goal is to create a genuine and respectful community. Now, I am really excited to read what you have to say!

See you in the comments! 🤓

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