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On the whole, CPF cash nomination is one of the three ways to distribute your CPF monies upon death. Besides, it is the default option for our nominees to receive our monies in cash upon our demise. To this end, here is a step-by-step guide on the process.

Part 1: Completing the CPF Cash Nomination Form

At the present time, CPF Board uses Form 6A(1)-CASH 02/2019. Altogether, there are four sections to complete.

Page 1, Section 1: CPF Member’s Particulars

In the first section, there are seven fields to complete.

i. Name as in NRIC (in BLOCK LETTERS)

ii. NRIC or CPF Account Number

iii. Contact Number

iv. Marital Status

v. Email Address

vi. Date of Marriage (if applicable)

vii. Country where Marriage took place (if applicable)

Page 1, Section 2: Nominee’s Particulars

For each CPF nomination form, you can fill up to four nominees. For each nominee, express their shares in either one of these formats:

  • Whole numbers; or
  • Percentage (up to 2 decimal places); or
  • Fractions (numerators and denominators up to 2 number places)

In the situation where we have more than four nominees, we may complete an additional page 1 of the CPF Nomination Form.

🙋🏻‍♂️ My suggestion: Consider allocating the shares to your nominees in whole numbers. This is for fear that there may be mistakes where the total does not add up to 100% or 1 whole.

For each nominee, there are five fields to complete.

i. Name of Nominee

ii. NRIC or Passport Number or Registration Number

iii. Mailing Address or Email Address

iv. Relationship to CPF Member

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v. Share in percentage

If you are nominating an individual, then the name must be the same as his NRIC or Passport. In like manner, we have to write the registered name for organisations. Furthermore, we have to write the ACRA Registration Number of Unique Entity Number (UEN).

Following that, indicate the number of forms used in the footer of page 1 (of 5). In addition, ensure that the total allocated shares add up to 100%.

🙋🏻‍♂️ My suggestion: Consider writing the nominees and their shares on a separate piece of paper first. Thereafter, use a calculator and ensure that the total allocated shares add up to 100%. This helps us to be sure that we do not make any mistakes on the actual CPF Nomination form.

Page 2, Section 3: Instruction to Disclose CPF Information

After your death, will you like to authorise CPF Board to disclose the following information to someone who you trust?

  • Names of your nominees
  • Names of your witnesses
  • Relationship between your nominees and you
  • Relationship between your witnesses and you
  • Proportion of your CPF savings that each nominee has been nominated to receive
  • Your CPF statement of account in and after the year of your death

If you will like to authorise a trusted person to access the above mentioned information, then proceed to complete this section. Otherwise, proceed to Page 3, Section 4.

i. Name of Authorised Person

ii. NRIC or Passport Number of the authorised person

iii. Mailing Address or Email Address

iv. Relationship to CPF Member

In total, you can authorise up to four persons in this section.

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Page 3, Section 4: Declaration and Agreement

In this section, you are required to read and agree to the instructions and important notes on CPF Nomination. At this point, if you have filled up this form with the help of an interpreter, then that you require an interpreter, he is required to fill up point 6 of the declaration section:

i. Language or Dialect used

ii. Name of Interpreter

iii. NRIC or Passport Number of Interpreter

Once you have agreed to the declaration, write your NRIC or CPF Account Number and the date of nomination. Thereafter, proceed to sign in the section “Signature/Thumbprint of CPF Member”.

In like manner, the witnesses have to declare and confirm that the CPF Nomination form was signed in their presence. For this purpose, the witnesses must fulfil all of the following criteria:

i. At least 21 years old

ii. Be of sound mind

iii. Must not be any of nominee(s) or yourself

Additionally, if the form is completed overseas, at least one witness must be a Singapore citizen, or Singapore Permanent Resident, or an official from the Singapore Overseas Mission.

Thereafter, the two witnesses are required to complete the following information.

i. Name of Witness as in NRIC or Passport

ii. NRIC or Passport Number

iii. Relationship to CPF Member

iv. Mailing Address

v. Contact Number

As soon as the above mentioned information has been completed, each witness will sign in the section “Signature/Thumbprint of Witness 1”, and “Signature/Thumbprint of Witness 2” respectively.

Furthermore, if more than one form is used, the two witnesses will need to complete the same information for each form.

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Part 2: Submission

At this point, you have completed the CPF nomination form and it is now ready for submission. Before that, here is a checklist of the required documents to be submitted together with the CPF Nomination Form:

  • Completed CPF Nomination Form
  • A copy of your NRIC or Passport
  • A copy of each witness’s NRIC or Passport

📝 My Note: It is not compulsory to provide a copy of your nominee’s NRIC or Passport.

📮 Now, you may mail the completed form to CPF Board at the following address:

Central Provident Fund Board 

Robinson Road 

P.O. Box 3060 

Singapore 905060

According to their service guideline, CPF Board will inform you on the status of your nomination within the next two weeks. If you do not hear from them, then call them up and have a check.


All things considered, we cannot distribute CPF monies through a Will. With this in mind, one of the most effective way to distribute your monies to your intended beneficiaries is to set up a CPF Nomination. Otherwise, your CPF monies will be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act in Singapore.

If you will like to retain control and to ensure that your intended beneficiaries receive your monies, then make a CPF nomination. All in all, a CPF cash nomination is one of the three ways to distribute your CPF monies.

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