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The Ministry of Social and Family Development has collaborated with the CPF Board to develop the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS). Through this scheme, it enables us to nominate our children to receive monthly disbursements from our CPF savings upon our demise. Accordingly, this caters to the long-term care of children with special needs.

On the other hand, we may opt for our nominees’ to receive our CPF monies in cash (default option) or for them to receive it in their CPF account.

How does it work?

Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC) administers the Special Needs Savings Scheme. For this purpose, we will need to complete the following two steps:

1. Obtain a certification from Special Needs Trust Company

i. Firstly, download and complete the application form (SNSS_V6_17JUL19.pdf)

ii. Thereafter, submit the completed form to Special Needs Trust Company along with the following documents

Required Documents for Submission

  • Completed application form
  • Applicant’s NRIC front and back
  • Child’s NRIC and birth certificate
  • School Certification Letter or Doctor’s Assessment Report; or Functional Assessment Report

2. Apply for SNSS Nomination with CPF Board

After we have received a certified eligibility letter from the Special Needs Trust Company, we may proceed to any of the CPF Service Centres to make the CPF Special Needs Savings Scheme nomination.

Who is the Scheme for?

You may consider CPF Special Needs Savings Scheme if your child

  • Requires assistance in at least one Activities of Daily Living (i.e. Washing, Toileting, Dressing, Mobility, Transferring, Feeding)
  • Attend or have attended a Special Education (SPED) school
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How will our Child receive our money?

Nominee is below 18 years old

In this situation, the nominee’s legal guardian or the court-appointed deputy will have to submit an application to CPF Board. Thereupon, CPF Board will make the disbursement upon approval.

Nominee is at least 18 years old, and of sound mind

In this case, the nominee will receive the disbursement through his bank account.

Nominee is at least 18 years old, and lacks mental capacity

a) Nominee has made a Lasting Power of Attorney to appoint a donee: CPF Board will disburse the payout to the donee.

b) Nominee did not make a Lasting Power of Attorney: A third party may apply to the court to be appointed as the CPF nominee’s deputy. After that, CPF Board will disburse the payout to the court-appointed deputy.

How much can we nominate?

At the point of application, we can decide the amount of payout to give to our child. With this intention, there are two conditions:

  1. Minimum payout of $250 per month
  2. Minimum duration of one year

At length, we can alter the amount of payout and its associated duration by submitting another CPF Special Needs Savings Scheme nomination form.

📝 Side Note 1: We can nominate any number of eligible children under the CPF Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS).

📝 Side Note 2: If the above mentioned conditions are not met, then the payout will be made to the nominee in a lump sum.


In summary, the CPF Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) allows us to provide for our child’s long-term care when we are no longer around. Through this programme, it provides some form of certainty for our child’s wellbeing. At the same time, it prevents any potential misuse if the payout was made in a single lump sum.

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On the whole, we can choose to nominate part of our CPF monies under Special Needs Savings Scheme. Thereupon, we can nominate the remainder under Cash Nomination or the Enhanced Nomination Scheme (ENS).

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