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Everyone of us have 24 hours a day to accomplish whatever we want before the day ends. Well, I am no different. Often, I struggle with one or more of the following


1. I don’t get enough time to rest.

2. The day ended before I could complete all of my work.

3. It felt like I have completed a lot of tasks but nothing much was actually accomplished.

For the most part, finding time to resolve these problems was tough.

Solution to Finding Time

In any case, I still need to complete all of my work and there are 4 ways to help me achieve that.

1. Create a daily todo list the night before

A todo list is probably one of the simplest way to check what was done throughout the day. At the end of the day, it would be obvious that I am not productive if nothing gets struck out.

The Tech Way

Personally, I have tried (too many) todo list app but (sadly) none worked out. Initially, everything goes perfectly as planned – type the task, set a reminder, wait for it to ring, and done ✅.

After a while, I get immune to the notification – instead of clearing the task as planned, I will mute the notification and continue with life. At times, I don’t even open the app to check what needs to be done! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Altogether, using a todo list app was an absolute disaster.

The Traditional Way

Instead, I found much success in the traditional pen and paper todo list. Each night before bed, I will set goals for the following day. With this in mind, everything becomes clear the next day. Thereafter, anything else sits at the bottom of the list. #priority

2. The Red Box

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In my previous post on How I spend my time Every Week, I wrote about the schedule that I will follow through every week. To be sure that I complete a certain task, e.g. exercise, I will draw a red box in my diary – i.e. this period of time is strictly for exercise only. Now, finding to exercise becomes a routine.

3. Waking up 2 hours earlier

On a typical work day (which is everyday), I will start to reply messages and emails from 9am till late. In order to boost my productive time, I will wake up at 6.30am on weekdays.

In effect, I get at least 2 hours of productive work time that is otherwise impossible to find during the day. Accordingly, I will have 10 hours of extra time a week – that makes my week a 7.5-days week.

4. Exercise

I spent 45 minutes to an hour to exercise for at least 4 times every week. Yes, it may sound counterintuitive at first – to waste time sweating it out instead of getting work done.

In truth, exercise clears my mind and gives me the adrenaline to work more effectively. Undoubtedly, this is important given how much work that I need to complete everyday.

In fact, at some point, I felt that exercise (kind of) replaces the amount of sleep I need in order to remain functional everyday.


By and large, it is efficient to find an excuse to procrastinate than to find time to complete what needs to be done. In short, this problem is known as

“the comfort zone”.

Personally, I have struggled to make it a point to write my daily goals down. From time to time, it is convenient to just remember it in my head. However, I forgot that I have too many things to remember to do. Ultimately,

I wish I could just “Google” to find time.

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