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I never really have a defined hobby in my life. For the most part, I have been living a simple life hovering between work and home. If you have read my previous post on how I spent my time every week, you will agree that work was almost everything my time could fit, until now.

Last year, my partner and I were privileged to travel together for a company’s convention to Germany, Berlin. In addition to our short-stay in Berlin, the lady planned a fun-filled post-convention holiday in Switzerland. Since it was our first faraway trip together, I thought of capturing these moments as memories. However, I ran into a huge stumbling block – I was terrible at photography. 😰

For fear that our trip will be ruined at my hands, I spent hours researching on iPhone photography and gears that professional photographers use to capture stunning pictures. Thereupon, I invested in a quality wide angle lens and our adventure began.

During our trip, I will be like a typical tourist to snap photos of everything that I see. Without delay, I will upload some of these photos to my newly created Instagram account for evaluation.

As the likes flows in, I felt humbled that there were people who appreciate my poorly taken photographs. 😅 Over time, I felt the need to improve my skills. At the same time, I didn’t find the learning process a chore. Instead, I started to enjoy photography and forget about work.

That is when I know I found a new hobby. 📸

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