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According to Cambridge Dictionary, learning curve is

The rate of someone’s progress in learning a new skill.

Learning Curve in Life
Learning Curve in Life

Point A to Point B

Like many of us, I spent a quarter of my life in school. During this time, I was exposed to different subjects. As a result, my learning curve rises sharply.

Point B to Point C

Upon graduation, I continued my career in the insurance industry. When I first started, my learning curve was very steep. In fact, everything that I hear and read are fresh knowledge and skills. Eventually, majority of the things are repetitive now.

Point C to Point D

At this point, I am suffering from a

personal development crisis.

In other words, I became stagnant at what I do best. While everyone else continues to grow (as shown by the green curve), I become worse off and outdated over time. To this end, I need a new challenge in life.

Challenge criteria

I wanted a challenge where I can grow together with my clients (rather than one that takes up personal time and neglect work).


With this intention, I set up two platforms that pushes my boundary in sharing quality content to a bigger audience.

1. Blog @ pzl.sg

Firstly, I set up this blog to host the majority of my content. For the most part, anything that is more than 200 words will be published here.

P.S. I am totally new to blogging. Meanwhile, I will share on Facebook and Twitter when new content is posted. Be sure to @ me to receive updates. (I promise I won’t rant or spam.)

2. Facebook Page

Secondly, I set up a Facebook Page to be an information hub for anything related to my work. Undeniably, Facebook is a great channel to disseminate updates efficiently. Therefore, I will use it to share good to know information on financial literacy.

P.S. I will also share practical tips to getting 50% off for your next Emirates flight (while promotion lasts). So be sure to like and follow me on Facebook Page.

Conclusion on My Learning Curve

Altogether, it a huge challenge to manage two big platforms by myself. Nevertheless, I am excited on how I can grow with the community. Oh yes, do give me feedback on how I am doing by dropping a note in the comments section.

See you around! =)

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