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As 2019 ends in 6 days’ time, let’s review through everything that has happened. With this purpose in mind, let’s break it down into three parts:

1. Online Platform

Blog @ PZL.SG

Earlier this year, I started this blog. This is with the intention to share my knowledge and experience on estate planning and financial planning in Singapore. Occasionally, I will share a little about my life and on the work that I do for my clients professionally.

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Facebook Page

Getting the right audience attention has been the toughest challenge for me this year. At the beginning, I could vividly remember the enormous support that my partner has given me. For instance, she was a cheer leader in getting her friends to support my work and an arts director to design all the stunning infographics. 🌌

In short, my little achievement on this platform will never ever be possible without her belief in what I want to do and the change that I wish to make in our job.

Of course, I need to thank You – to be kind enough to support the content that I produce and to take your precious time out to read what I have to write. Accordingly, to the 342 people who gave a 👍🏻 and to my 386 followers, I will like to say a very huge

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By and large, your warm support has been crucial in keeping myself in check – to upload quality content on the platform. In the later part of the post, I will share on what’s upcoming for 2020.

P.S. If you enjoy the content on my blog and/or Facebook Page, then consider to write a review on my Facebook Page. This will motivate me to do even better to this end! 😄

2. Work

If you have followed through my blog, you will know that I spend 70% of my usable time at work. While nothing has changed, I am glad I survived through the year with sufficient time to complete all 52 blog posts by every Wednesday @ 8am (who else remembers the OG tagline? 😄).

At the same time, I continue to enjoy every aspect of the work that I do for my clients. This process gets even more fulfilling whenever they write a feedback on my Facebook Page – pretty relieved that I lived up to their standard (and my effort is being recognised). ☺️

Other than that, nothing else has changed and to answer the top FAQ for every year: Nope, I am still not leaving my job. And yes, I am still happily stuck here with all of you.

3. Personal Development

Remember when I wrote my first post on struggling to learn something new in life? Well, the launch and upkeep of this platform has taught me so much in just one year! In fact, the learning curve is so steep that I felt refreshed again.

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For instance, I gained new perspectives on optimising our day-to-day finance. Above all, I believe this experience will help me to grow and become a better person to my family and a more capable consultant to my clients.

What’s Next?

Altogether, I am definitely more excited and inspired to sharing more quality content with you. While doing so, I am going to review through and to test out a couple of new things to push my limit to the next level. Can you guess what it is?

Hint: 🎙🎥

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And I will see you on my next post. Thank You so much! ❤️

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