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Ohm Energy was one of the three finalists in my previous post on How to choose an Open Electricity Market Retailer in Singapore. If you are interested to read the elimination process, then I will highly recommend you to read that post first. Otherwise, this post is the battle of the finalists. ⚔️

Now, as a bonus to the four rounds of elimination, I decided to contact the respective finalists as a customer. (Why not? Since I am eligible for a switch now.)

Best Electricity vs Sunseap Energy vs Ohm Energy

Seeing that each of the open electricity market retailer has about 2,000 followers on Facebook, I decided to send them a generic message via Facebook Messenger.

Best Electricity

To my dismay, Best Electricity read my message but didn’t respond to it. 😕

Sunseap Energy

Meanwhile, Sunseap Energy responded to my initial enquiry. After that, I proceeded to ask on any fees or charges that I should take note of. In response, the staff mentioned that there will be a paper bill fee of $1.6 per month. This fee came as a shock as it wasn’t stated in the fact sheet.

I probed further without delay and asked on the reason for its omission in their fact sheet. In like fashion, the staff read but ignored my message as well. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ohm Energy

Finally, it was Ohm Energy’s turn. To be honest, it wasn’t my top choice given its higher electricity rate (for the fixed price plan). But well, in order to complete this bonus round, I have to be fair right? 😉

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Accordingly, I asked them the same questions along with regards to the optional add-on fee for CO2 offset. Surprisingly, the staff was patient to answer all my questions. Furthermore, they took an initiative to explain on how the billing cycle works.

Then comes the fun part – I noticed that the price for a 12 months contract is cheaper than the price for a 24 months contract of electricity supply. In general, the open electricity market retailers charges a lower rate for a longer lock-in period. Instead of ignoring me, here is their response,

Yes, that is correct. For Ohm, the way we price our price plan is based on future prices. It doesn’t really mean that a longer term contract will get a better rate.

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t really happy with the slightly higher rate. Despite that, I like their standard for customer service. At this point, they have proven to be worthy of earning my contract. Before that, there is one more step – Public reviews. 🤓

Part 1: Consumer Satisfaction Survey Results

The Energy Market Authority has conducted a consumer satisfaction survey earlier this year. According to the results, Ohm Energy is one of the three retailers that has received a four star rating (the other two retailers are Sunseap Energy, and Tuas Power). This was the highest rating awarded to an open electricity market retailer to this end. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Part 2: Seedly Reviews

According to over two hundred users’ reviews, Ohm Energy was rated 4.9 (out of a maximum of 5). Furthermore, it is also one of the open electricity market retailers with the most number of users’ reviews. In truth, here is a review by one of the users,

Good reviews with after-sales service. I am able to contact them with ease.

📝 Side Note: I am aware that Seedly has ran a couple of vouchers giveaway campaigns to entice its members to leave a review on its site. While it was claimed to be non-sponsored and unbiased, readers are strongly advised to note this bait.

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Part 3: Facebook Page Reviews

Most of the reviews that I have read were positive, together with super enthusiastic users pouring to share their referral code. Furthermore, I see some users who switched over to Ohm Energy from another open electricity market retailer. Here is another user review on the positive side,

Payment is integrated with SP bill, making it convenient for bill payment.

📝 Side Note: While the majority of the reviews ended off with a referral code, we can apply the theory of Law of Large Numbers. In effect, the trend points towards excellent and prompt after-sales customer service.

I am Stuck Now!

After a thorough research for over a year now, I am confident of my pick this time. With competitive pricing and top notch customer service, there is almost nothing more that I could ask for. But there is one more thing!

Even if you are afraid of making a wrong choice, there is no harm to give them a try. This is because their contract comes with a no-strings-attached 3-month trial. At any point where you feel uncomfortable during this period, just terminate the contract without any penalty. Ohm Energy is by far the only company that has such a service. How awesome! 🤩

Save our Bills Together

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This way, each of us will receive $20 off our electricity bill when you sign up for their plan. Just remember to copy and paste it onto their application form. Let’s save on our electricity bill together! ⚡️

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