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Unlike many of my friends (including my partner), I don’t like to travel. For the most part, I find it difficult to detach myself from my daily routine. To explain, there are 3 contributing factors for my withdrawal syndrome.

1. Comfort Zone

According to Oxford Dictionary, comfort zone is

a situation where one feels safe or at ease.

I lead a simple life where I spend most of my time either at home or at work. At home, I feel comfortable and relaxed to do whatever I want without any reservation. As I found meaning in the work that I do for my clients professionally, I have no problems being at work.

To me, travelling is a step into a place filled with unknown variables. At times, I tend to be paranoid about my surrounding, e.g. fear of bumping into a pickpocket or to meet with an accident. Given such a situation, I tend to fall back into my comfort zone rather than to step out of it.

Well, I am no longer a huge risk taker in life. 😅

2. Expenses

There are a number of expenses when travelling overseas. First of all, I need to book the air ticket. On some occasions, travelling via a budget airline is the economical option. However, full service airlines are usually the preferred option when it comes to a long haul flight, e.g. travelling to London.

Secondly, I will need to book an accommodation for the entire trip. On average, I will try to find an accommodation that is less than SGD150 per day.

Finally, I will need to take care of my daily expenses such as food and transport. In most cases, I will plan a budget of SGD100 a day. Of course, this is excluding any gifts that I buy.

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All in all, I am expected to spend $3k to $5k on every overseas trip. This will obviously cause more pain than to invest the money into a stock. 📈

3. Work

In my previous post on how I spend my time every week, close to 80% of my time is spent at work every week. It is undoubtedly true that I enjoy what I am doing at work.

But the other side of the truth is – I have so much work to clear that my time is fully stretched every day for the year. To make things worse, this problem started ever since I commit myself to working full-time for my clients. Let’s do a simple mathematical example to explain this:

On average, I am awake for 17 hours a day, i.e. 119 hours a week.

Since I work 80% of my time in a week, i.e. 95.2 hours a week

If I were to travel for 10 days, i.e. 95.2 / 7 x 10 = 136 hours of missed work

In return, I will need to work for an additional 4.5 hours for 30 days in order to make up for the time I lost due to travelling. As much as I like my work, I don’t enjoy overworking myself. 😰


With 3 compelling factors, I don’t feel at ease whenever I travel. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I do not enjoy travelling. In fact, travelling comes with its beauty. With so much work on hand, I really find it difficult to step out of my comfort zone to spend the money on travelling.

Maybe one day I should learn to let go and go for a trip where I can truly enjoy myself without any repercussion. Now, I still don’t like to travel. 🛫

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